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Bill Eberhardt Photography provides professional services at competitive prices. Whether you are looking for pictures of your sports teams, wedding, senior portraits, parties, event photography, or simply want to hire someone to capture a special moment in your life, we can help. We specialize in on-site photography.

Bill Eberhardt Photography
Bill & Kristi Eberhardt
(719) 392-8004

You order the prints directly from Smugmug. They are printed by a professional lab and shipped directly to you. When possible, we have cropped the photos so that they may be printed in any of the standard sizes – 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10. Use the adjust button at checkout to move the crop lines in order to obtain the most visually pleasing prints. Or choose no crop in which case you will have a small border of white on two sides of the photo that you can trim off or cover with a frame. The copyright notice will not be printed.

We now offer canvas prints either rolled or mounted. Since the canvas print requires extra space to wrap around the frame contact us before ordering and we will provide a custom cropping at no extra charge.

Feel free to comment on any of the photos you see here. Thanks!

If you would like to use a few photos on your personal or school website send me a request via e-mail with the game and photo numbers. (XX of 120)

The Military Family - As time permits, we are volunteering our services to Operation: Love ReUnited and to the families of the brave men and women who are deployed overseas. We will waive the session fee and provide a 4x6 photo album with 24 prints free of charge to the deployed member. Additional prints may be purchased at the normal rate. To learn more about Operation: Love ReUnited and the requirements for participation please visit their website at

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